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Recently, my travel buddy (who’s also named Pat) and I left on a 10 day journey from St. Louis to the east coast.

After my quest of visiting all 50 states, I’m now on a quest to collect stamps in my National Parks Passbook. On the first night of arriving in Charleston SC, we went to Shem Creek. Had a great seafood dinner at Vickery’s.

The next day we took a ferry to Fort Sumter and toured the Fort.

More to come. Has anyone else visited these spots? -Patco

7 thoughts on “Patco’s Travels”

  1. Hi Pat! Charleston’s a beautiful city. I think I toured Ft Sumter a long time ago, but I’ve toured a bunch of old forts and not sure which ones & when.

  2. Enjoy your trip.

    We have friends that live in the Charleston area and have visited a few times. Have not been to the offshore forts yet, but have toured Fort Moultrie (I believe). Neat that fort and near the sea, we saw a house for sale–about 1,00 square feet and was about $8 million.

  3. Thanks everyone for commenting. Mike, I’m learning. DJ Loved Charleston. Chef, I’m loving Jon’s Tesla, but we took the Highlander on this trip. I chickened out. Jon and I went on some great travels. I plan on continuing that tradition.


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