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  1. And no one ever heard from the prince ever again…

    Actually, some interesting facts according to the Brothers Grimm:
    Snow White has eaten an poisoned apple and while taking her back to her fathers kingdom for a proper burial, the apple is dislodged from her throat.

    Snow White is merely seven years old when the Huntsman is ordered to take her into the woods. Her evil step-mother finds out she was still alive a decade later meaning Snow White is now 17. The Prince proposes to her immediately. His age is never mentioned.

    Snow White and The Little Mermaid (Anderson) are the same age.

    In the original story, Snow White, has the only name.
    Her father is simply, the King.
    Her Step-Mother is simply, the Evil Queen.
    The Huntsman is simply, the Huntsman
    The Dwarves 7 are just, the Dwarves.
    The Prince (who rescues Snow White) is simply called Prince.

  2. David, that makes sense of the no names, actually it still hold true in entertainment. Any character that’s named has to be fleshed out at least a little.

    The fairy tales are short and most of the characters are only important to the story in their actions. Their titles King, Queen, Huntsman, give a picture of their skills and power without a lot of verbage distracting from the story.

    Disney named the dwarves making them a big part of the story.
    The handsome, wealthy, Prince had a good chance to win favor but you can see by the picture… he blew it.

    giggle snicker chortle


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