8 thoughts on “Technology troubles”

  1. My standard opening of reaching the cash register is, “Do you still take cash?”
    Those ads on the tube that ask are you more than $10,000 in debt?
    Plastic everything is a good way to get there.

  2. I more or less keep up with technology–but I have no interest in getting a smart watch.

    I am also aware the more high-tech something is, the easier it will break or fail.

  3. I have a computer, but that is about as far as it goes.
    No smart phone, no fancy ‘smart’ watch, and I have never sent a text message.
    AI? Stands for abysmal intelligence.

  4. I noticed lately the younger generation pay everything by either phone or watch. 99% of the time they dont even ask for the receipt. How do they know if they are being ripped off by being overcharged twice. It would never be undercharged


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