You Girl Scouts got a business license?

I happen to be driving behind this cop yesterday in the parking lot at the grocery store. He stopped in a red No Parking Zone (which is basically the lane we were driving in), put it in park and proceeded to heft his weight out and waddle up to the curb there.

I had to go around him and his fully open door to get to the parking spot I parked in to take this pic.

I’m sure he was just buying his daily allowance of sweets here – but thought of this funnier title.

1 thought on “You Girl Scouts got a business license?”

  1. I often read stories in the news about kid’s lemonade stands getting busted for that, but in my little burb, those stands are encouraged. Our mayor posts the locations on FB and then makes a visit with his fam. Most of the cops, both on & off duty drop by for a cold one, as well as the firefighters and ambulance crews on their way back from calls. Plenty of civilians see it on the local FB page.


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