2 thoughts on “Triskaidekaphobics would freak out”

  1. Well, 13×28=364. So we’d need at least one month with 29 days (two with 29 or 1 with 30 every four)
    Also the moon hasn’t a 28 day cycle. Relative to the stars one rotation around the earth takes it 27 days, 7 hours 43.7 minutes. Since the earth is rotating and moving itself viewed from the earth one day is added – and relative to the sun it’s on average 29.53 days (new moon to new moon).

    So – which one would you like to use?

    That’s also why the jewish and the muslim calendar “move around” relative to our (solar) year and e.g. Ramadan is 10 to 12 deays “earlier” each (solar) year.


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