Getting Familiar with Cookie Consent

To comply for our EU friends – Bits and Pieces is required to post a cookie consent. This appears as a pop-up upon opening B&P – feel free to make any choice you wish there. I always choose ‘reject’ but what do I know?!

You have probably noticed other websites doing the same thing, as the law is coming into effect (fines or worse, for non-compliance).

B&P itself does not collect or store info, or use cookies in any way, that we are aware of.

Please let us know if you have questions – I found this pic helpful, but I’ll try to respond to any questions left in the comments. Thanks! – krisgo

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8 thoughts on “Getting Familiar with Cookie Consent”

  1. OK, if you don’t use cookies why do you have to have the pop-up? Are you just covering your butt from possibly overzealous enforcers? Maybe your server does.
    Well that pop up is one of the least annoying hurtles of the web, I imagine it won’t be long before we just handle it as an automatic part of web surfing and be hard pressed to even remember doing it.
    Then they’ll make little changes incrementally so we won’t notice they’re making soylent green. I can’t wait to get to the point where they force me to procreate.

  2. Been a faithful follower of B&P for 10 years or more, but still rejected. Wondered why I was getting the notifications everywhere.

    On an unrelated note, I downloaded the raccoon/cookie gif last night, reversed it and now use it for birthday greetings. Only this morning did I read the post.

  3. fwiw: your site does set three cookies – one is from the jetpack.wordpress plugin, another from and a site cookie (which is the ‘cookieyes-consent’ cookie for the site).

    these are probably all due to wordpress hosting the site and not due to anything specific to your domain other than your use of the jetpack plugin. I don’t see anything nefarious happening but the cookies are being used so the consent dialog gets sent out if you haven’t already ‘accepted’ the ‘cookieyes-consent’ one.

  4. also: the law covers more that cookies; it actually refers to any locally stored data – cookies are pretty frequently used but there is also local storage, indexed DB and session storage; each of which can be used to store values used by visitors.

    Not certain what it’s used for but your site does set a value in “session storage” in a key called “wpEmojiSettingsSupports” – I think this is a fairly recent change but it’s been a while since I looked at this (a few years at least when I was working with Jonco on a different issue) – that value is discussed in a thread on wordpress – pretty sure it is something from their hosting platform side and not something unique to your domain.

  5. Yeah – we use WordPress for the dashboard, even though the site is hosted with Siteground. Dad had several plug-ins set up, some of which I have deleted. I recently had a ticket open with a WordPress tech site recommended by Siteground. They directed me on several things, but then asked for (what I thought) was too much access – so I closed that. We also use Google Adsense which is what alerted me to the fact that we need to have the cookie consent. I’m 99% sure there are things set up (or not set up) correctly or to our best benefit – but I’m at the point where I want to see how things go for a few months before making any more changes.

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