How do you guys feel about the McRib? It’s currently here in our neck of the woods. I know Dad always liked getting them when they’d come back around – WITHOUT onions of course (due to his allergy). For me, it’s just too messy – I feel the same way about BBQ ribs. To me, BBQ sauce is just ok – in general, which is probably why I’m not too thrilled about the McRib (McGrib – as we call it at our house).

Thanks Jason L

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  1. I have two recollections from when I worked at McDonald’s in the late 80s/early 90s. First, there were two main responses to the product: you either absolutely loved them or absolutely hated them, and they either gave you explosive diarrhea or they didn’t. Each of these groups seemed to be split roughly 50/50, and being in the “love” group didn’t necessarily exclude you from the “didn’t” group.

    Second, cleaning the cooking area at the end of the day was no easy task. The McRib sauce got /everywhere/ and wouldn’t wipe up no matter how hard you scrubbed. I eventually learned that the way to remove it (from the wall) wasn’t to scrub — you could just pick at the edge and peeeeeeeeeeeeeeel it away. If I didn’t need an excuse to belong to the “hate” group, this was it (and perhaps also explains the “gave you” group as well).

  2. I liked the McRib but have not had it in years.

    I did it without onions also–but because they were raw. I prefer grilled onions and don’t like when they are raw.

  3. I live in Europe and have had the unfortunate experience of seeing the being made. What appeared to be perfectly acceptable pork shoulder joints get smashed to pieces, ground up with other unmentionable liquids and rusk, turned into slurry and frozen.
    Germany sells then all year round for some inexplicable reason. Most countries do not touch them with a bargepole and just a couple or so have them for a couple of weeks a year for those with a complete lack of taste.
    Fortunately, I live very far from Germany.

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