Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 11

Photos were Dad’s thing. I wrote in his obituary that he was a photographer – and he was. Not by trade – just by passion.

I specifically remember us all getting autographs of Jack and Joe Buck and a few other St. Louis dignitaries and Cardinal ball players.

This was his oldest best friend Mickey that he writes about HERE. I don’t think I had read that whole post until today. Mick was a cute, funny man – like a fun uncle. Good memories 🙂

Wrestling must have never stuck with or been a real interest to Dad – I don’t recall him EVER watching it!

2 thoughts on “Jonco’s Journal – Vol. 11”

  1. Yeah, he says it was more fun watching his Dad watching wrestling.
    I’ve known some people that were expressive in their passion for a sport, or type of movie or music. They can’t sit still, making faces and hand gestures.
    I have a habit of making faces when working to tight tolerances in the machine shop, I’ve even finished something and looked up to see two guys watching me, laughing.
    But at least I don’t yell at the actors on the movie screen. LoL
    Jonco was a people watcher 1st class, he had an uncanny ability to decipher people’s true nature after minimum contact. I guess over the years he learned “tells” that would tip him off. He should have started a business/service helping lawyers pick jurors.

    • That’s really an interesting perspective. Now I wish I would’ve added ‘people watcher’ to his obit. Dang it – a missed opportunity!!
      My husband bites the tip of his tongue when he’s concentrating. I too make fun of him, so you’re not alone. 😉

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