5 thoughts on “Dad builds something epic for b-day party”

  1. Reminds me of the guy that pulls a homemade train of dogs.
    I wonder where he got all those hand trucks?

  2. The comments are full of he’s a rich guy, he must have spent $2,000, he ruined good barrels, he had room and a tractor.
    Well yeah, it’s on a farm but could have been pulled with a lawn mower or golf cart, The barrels could be from farm deliveries of feed or fertilizer, they aren’t heavy duty. I wondered about the 8 hand trucks but they might have been farm stuff or borrowed. The 8 helmets are mismatched and not new. Pool noodles are peanuts. Toy steering wheels and seat cushions are cheap.
    What amazed me is 6 hours? Only 6 hours?

    • I would tell the commenters to go pound sand and mind their own business.

      I think that was a great thing the Dad did–and it could be used repeatedly.

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