4 thoughts on “St. Louis Arch Appreciation Post”

  1. This post brought a smile to my face. Your dad always seemed so excited when he posted about the Arch. Still on my bucket list to see when I travel to the US one day…

  2. Taking the “elevator” to the top felt like a trip back to the 1970s–especially how the observation area was set up and decorated.

    My mother-in-law was working in a building near there and was able to watch as they finished the arch.

  3. Went up during the first B&P BABBQ in 2010. An interesting fun experience.
    One of the vids I most enjoyed about it was one Jonco posted a few times about the guy changing the aircraft warning light bulb out on the very top.

  4. That picture shows McDonalds missed a golden opportunity(sorry) by not pitching in on the build.
    The ride to the top was kind of spooky but they knew what they were doing as it had been going a year or so. Then again maybe not, maybe I just lucked out.
    I vividly remember the bulb changer, I shiver thinking about it.

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