1 thought on “Caulifrikkenflower”

  1. so the thing about cauliflower is that it CAN be awesome… but you have to prepare it properly… start with fresh cauliflower; chopped into bite sized chunks, coat very lightly with olive oil and saffron then roast for ~20-25 minutes until slightly charred. then pulse the pieces in a food processor (you want rice like consistency; if you pulse too long it’ll turn into mush which just doesn’t work… )

    then; just like mashed potatoes it tastes like boring ^%#$ garbage until you add the good stuff, set the cauliflower to the side for now and add some bacon to a large mixing bowl… no, you’re gonna need more than that… now; add some butter, more bacon, then some sour cream, you’ll need a bit more bacon, now some minced onion and some bacon, throw the caulflower in the garbage; use mashed potatoes instead… now mix in some cheddar cheese then top it off with with a few slices of bacon.


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