The fart, as art

Roland the Farter, also known as Roland le Fartere or Roland le Petour, was a medieval entertainer who achieved an unusual degree of fame during his time. He lived during the reign of King Henry II of England in the 12th century and is remembered for his unique and somewhat bizarre talent. Roland was a minstrel and jester by profession, employed by the court of King Henry II.

He was renowned for his exceptional ability to produce impressive and resonant flatulence, which he cleverly incorporated into his performances to entertain the nobles and courtiers. Roland’s artful control over his bodily function allowed him to produce different sounds, tones, and rhythms, turning his flatulence into a form of musical expression.

According to historical records, Roland’s act involved a ritualized performance known as the “Leap, Split, and Turn.” During this performance, he would execute a graceful leap into the air, while simultaneously executing a controlled split, and finally, he would spin around in a swift motion. At the climax of this acrobatic display, Roland would let out a sonorous and well-timed fart, eliciting laughter and amusement from the audience. Read the rest of the article HERE


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