Cleverly painted rock

I’ve been following a rock painting group on fb.. and this is my favorite so far. The idea is to paint a rock and leave it in a public place for another to find. A random treasure.

Some parks or other places, especially where kids would go, have a starter rock that is a snake or caterpillar head, and people add on their panted rocks to make the body – a challenge to see how long it will grow to.

As much as I like the snarky humor you’ve seen me post, this is my other side – enjoying cute little things that make me happy.


Have you ever found a regular rock that you’ve kept for no other reason than that you liked it? (1 point)

Have you ever found a rock that you thought someone else would like and gifted it to them? (5 points)

Have you ever found a small painted rock? (10 points)

Have you ever painted a small rock and left it as treasure to be found? (20 points)

Do you like rock and roll? (5 points)

Do you think it’s weird to like rocks? (-10 points)

Post your total in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Cleverly painted rock”

  1. 21 points!
    I love rocks, studied geology in college. I’ve found (but only photographed) at least a dozen painted rocks on trails since Covid began, but have never made one myself. Some people worry the painted rock thing is bad for the environment or otherwise despoils a natural location, but I’m always tickled when I find one and don’t get snooty about it.
    In one of the parks I hike a lot at, there’s a small section with about 50 trees that were painted as part of an addict recovery program. It upset a lot of people, but it hasn’t harmed the trees in the slightest and there are many other trails in the park you can use to avoid the area if painted tree-trunks bother you that much.

  2. I have a friend in a nursing home who paints rocks just for fun. I leave them on the low wall outside my house for others to pick up and have seen some in quirky places afterwards. She also does the occasional “special” one. I have “The Rock” themed ones … the actor, Uluru, Alcatraz etc. Recently she painted the “Gruffalo” on a rock for a young disabled boy I know. He sleeps with it under his pillow!

  3. 6 points. But I did buy a little rock that had about 18 smaller rocks with faces painted on them–it was a rock concert.

    So does this means I get a total of 16 points? I did find it at a store and bought it.

  4. 31 points. I had a friend who collected rocks as souvenirs for her flower gardens, so I brought a few back from hikes or road trips. On one bike trip I collected a fist-sized chunk of quartz for her but she wasn’t into that any more, so it sits below my TV. I was gifted an amethyst geode by another friend after a trip to a fossil museum, and it sits beside my quartz. As for finding painted rocks, they were everywhere during Covid. Still quite a few around.
    As for rock and roll – I grew up in the ’60s when all the good bands were around.

  5. Brought home unpainted rocks picked up camping in many states and provinces because they had nice personalities. Never painted any but some of them became gifts. Didn’t tell my wife I thought a couple were kind of sexy, but I think she knew.
    One special rock is about 19 inches in diameter, 2 feet long, half iron stained red & half white lengthwise, from PEI, Canada.
    I was gifted a painted rock from MA, and a rock with fossil ferns from Alaska.
    Rock N Roll is mandatory with the sex and drugs isn’t it?
    Couldn’t begin to count points, but many.

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