Path to happiness

I’m not a swimmer. I don’t fish on the regular. My skin goes past tanning straight to a sunburn. I’m not a fan of being sandy, sticky, and sweaty… but the other day I had a thought remembering our trip to Dauphin Island, Alabama last year and my heart made a pang. I’ve decided my favorite place to be is on a balcony, with my coffee, listening to the ocean. Just writing about it now – gets me emotional. I gotta plan another vacation! -krisgo

Where does your path to happiness lead to?


4 thoughts on “Path to happiness”

  1. I think one of my happiest moments was a week at the beach. I don’t do direct sunlight at all, but sitting under a beach umbrella with a beer, and watching the waves, endlessly was Zen. The only thing on the agenda was the sunset. I got to write a bit on the balcony, overlooking the sea, with the waves and the wind, and waiting for someone to return from her walk.

  2. I used to love to be on the back of a motorcycle going anywhere on a back road. I usually had a camera in my hand. I never really wanted to be the driver, always the passenger, it gives more opportunity to look around and see the things you miss if you have to concentrate on driving.
    I also spent a summer in Wyoming, in the mountains at a campground about 10 miles from a paved road. That was beautiful, peaceful, quiet. Probably the best part of that was the clean air, the clean water and the quiet. I got to go horseback riding up into the mountains. That was magical. We were able to get right in the middle of a herd of antelope, they didn’t notice we were there due to the horses. They are beautiful. And the stars, they are always there, we just aren’t usually aware of them, we aren’t high up enough to see them. It ‘s breathtaking.
    These days I’m not as adventurous, I’d still love to make it back to Germany someday and see the places I used to go, how things have changed, I doubt I will.
    I’m usually content with swimming a bit and being home with my dog. I like a quieter life now.

  3. Friends of ours had a house in northern Mexico just a few blocks from the Sea of Cortez (the Gulf of California). They had a balcony where we could sit and watch the sea and hear the waves crash on the shore.

    The town is small and welcoming.

    My path to happiness leads to happiness–the physical location is not as important–although that Mexican town is pretty high on the list

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