Gateway Arch’s light

The Gateway Arch Facebook page posted: Whether you are flying high in the sky or see the Gateway Arch shining in the night, you can’t miss the bright red beacon atop the monument, but do you know the man behind the light? Allow us to introduce you to Silas Garrett, the African American United States Army Engineer who petitioned the City of St. Louis to add a light. Garrett, a former pilot, knew the importance of having a guiding light at the top of the Gateway Arch, given the height and shape. Not only did he petition for the light he also built the light. After the installation, he would return more than 25 times for updates, upgrades, and routine maintenance.


4 thoughts on “Gateway Arch’s light”

  1. You would have thought a structure over 600′ high, way above anything else in the region, and less than 15 miles from a major int’l airport, would have been required to have a light, way before construction ever even started.

    • You would think, but the rules might have been different back in ’67 or ’68 when the arch was finished.

  2. Aren’t those lights like they use on towers and other obstructions an off the shelf item. Why did he have to build one?
    I agree with DJ, those two legs should have been lit as it was being built before the arch was completed.

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