Lone Elk Park

We took a weekend drive through Lone Elk Park. This small herd of bison were hanging out right up along the road. We did see several elk, but they were too far away for pics.

In my opinion if, wild animals are going to be ‘kept’ – I’d 100% rather see them with acres and acres of land like this, than at a typical zoo. But that’s just me. How about you? Seen any unusual beasts lately?

3 thoughts on “Lone Elk Park”

  1. If animals are kept on acres and acres they become those Elk, too far away.
    The reason animals wander and even migrate is they must to find sufficient food, water, and safety. A zoo with a small number of animals in a smaller enclosure so kids can see them and understand they are living creatures is ok if everything they need is provided. It gets confusing when people start projecting human traits on the animals

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