Almost an Arch

When you live in St. Louis – you forget how cool our landmark is. My husband drives by it every day to get to work. Every time, I’m in the area – I say.. “There’s the arch!” It really is neat – and riding to the top is an event you wouldn’t forget. Here’s a pic from 1965 during construction.

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3 thoughts on “Almost an Arch”

  1. The ride to the top was fun. I wondered if it would be rough/jerky, it wasn’t. I wondered if it would be claustrophobic, it wasn’t. I wondered if it would lean, after all you travel a quarter of a circle, but the car remained level the whole way up and down. Plus we were lucky enough to get there when you could park right at the base.

  2. Like Bruce, I liked the ride–although it felt like a trip back to the ’60s.

    My mother-in-law had a job overlooking the arch being built and got to see it get finished.

  3. Proud and still in awe of my visit in the 1980s, love telling folks I have been inside and trying to explain the elevator/tram.

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