Sullivan’s wasted time

via Thanks DJ

One of the comments on the photo goes like this..

Some things to consider.

Jones was 67 years old when he wrote this. He was born in 1897 and had seen ordinary life before there were cars, and to a large extent even electricity. It’s easy for us, born after teenagers had become consumers, to wonder what’s up with his “get off my lawn” act, but because of markets responding to consumers, kids were very much all over everyone’s lawns by 1964. I actually love how he, like everyone else his age, had assumed drafting Elvis was the end of it.

Could there be a higher compliment, no matter how much intended otherwise, than being compared to Moe Howard? And credit where credit is due — everyone else was crediting the Beatles with coming up with the haricut!

And the ending — whoa. He’s giving Sullivan credit for nothing more than being diverting — an inoffensive waste of time.

I don’t agree with anything he said besides crediting Moe with the hair, but I’m glad he wrote this. Cranky old people need representation, too. And I’m not just saying that because I’m 61… –Steve Greenfield