6 thoughts on “Bowling Ball Soccer on Legos”

      • Imagine working in the yard and you head inside, but thinking you cleared your shoes a goathead (puncture vine) has stuck to your shoe and then later the carpet. Now imagine being bearfoot at O’ Dark thirty answering the call of nature, you somewhat still asleep, head for the bathroom and then check things around the house. Well, I can assure you that you will find the goathead and then you step on it. The barb can pierces the skin.

        • Thank you. I did not know there was a vine called the goathead, so I was thinking of the mammal’s head lying around haphazardly.

          I hope you healed properly from that incident.

  1. Wiki says…
    Goathead or Puncture vine (Tribulus terrestris)
    The fruits break up into several sections with very sharp barbs that stick to shoes, tires, and pets’ feet. Your feet too I guess.
    But there’s more!
    All parts of the plant are toxic at all growth stages, but wilted plants are the most hazardous. Goathead also can accumulate high levels of nitrate. The spiny burs this plant produces are mechanically dangerous, producing lesions on the mouth or feet.
    Yeah, don’t eat that.

  2. This really wasn’t about the legos. Lot’s of girl shrieking and short, short cut-offs. Hmmmm……fruity.

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