Pharmacy’s anonymous donor revealed

This is AWESOME – For 10 years, a farmer, Hody Childress, donated a $100 bill each month to his local Alabama pharmacy to help those in need pay for their prescriptions. His identity was revealed after he died earlier this month. The plan is for his daughter, Tania, to continue his legacy. Read the story HERE

Hody and his daughter Tania – pic by Ronald Nix

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3 thoughts on “Pharmacy’s anonymous donor revealed”

  1. The article is paywalled, but this man was truly living the way we are meant to live. Still, these feelgood stories are the tip of the iceberg. The big story that lies underneath is why we live in a world where our ability to get the medicine we need is dependent on one’s income.

  2. The good part is he did what he could to help others, the bad part is what so many prescriptions cost when the companies charge so much over their costs instead of just keeping a reasonable profit. Also making sure you can’t get the same prescriptions by the same companies from another country where the cost is less.

  3. My bill at the pharmacy last year was $15,678.56. Were it not for Medicare and private insurance my former employer pays 90% of the monthly premium for, I’d be screwed.
    Since Big Pharma owns Congress we have a law that medications can’t be imported. A Scandinavian company spent a Billion dollars to build an insulin plant in the US which undercut our only supplier by a couple hundred a month.
    In the Northeast senior citizen groups organize regular bus trips to Canada for folks to buy prescription drugs. That’s illegal but arresting a busload of senior citizens might cause changes in the laws and Big Pharma doesn’t want that.
    Free enterprise my ass.

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