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Cleaning out Krisgo’s Game and Puzzle Closet

When the family gets together, we play games, it’s one of my favorite things to do. I wouldn’t say I’m all that competitive. I mostly love it to be challenged and the laughs.

I’m pretty good at most games, and even better paired up with certain people. If dad and I were on a team together- you had better watch out. Now my first-born, knows to sit a chair away from me, so that if teams are picked ‘every other person’, we’ll be together – haha!

My favorite group game is Taboo. Very similar to Taboo is ‘Poetry for Neanderthals’ where each clue can only be one syllable, and if you mess up you get bonked on the head with a blow-up club.

Some other good ones are Rack-o, Boggle, Mastermind, Tri-ominoes, Rummikub, Huggermugger, Phase 10, and Telestrations is super fun too.

What games are you favorites? For 2 players – or a group?

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  1. Not sure if it is still available, but I liked “Organized Crime.” More for adults, as you play a mob boss and the goal it to take over cities, buy cops and other industries, and rub out the other players. As a kid, I was undefeated. This is for 2 -4 players.

    My wife and her family like playing “The Farming Game.” This board game has 52 squares-one for each week–and you play a farmer (surprise!) raising crops and animals. Both good and bad things happen; it was invented in Oregon in 1980 or 1981, so one square has Mt. Saint Helens erupt. If you roll an even number, your farm does not get hit by the lava; roll and odd number and your farm does get hit. By the time I came on the scene, they had the board memorized; I would roll the dice for my turn and they would have transacted what will happen before I could move my token to the space.

    Euchre is fun to play (a card game). I learned this in college and found it out it is a bad idea to trump your partner–especially if you are dating.

    Another fun game is Left-Right-Center. This is a pretty easy game and allows a lot of socializing.

    • Risk is another fun game to play. If there are 6 of you playing, try not to be the last person to have a turn. I was the last one at a family reunion and got wiped out before I had a chance to attack.

  2. My family faves over the years have been Alhambra, where you lay tiles representing stone walls to build a castle. Takes about an hour to play (mostly learning the rules!) but worth the time. Another is Hanabi, where you hold a hand of cards you can’t look at – you can only see the other players’ cards and guess what yours are. Sounds difficult but again great fun. Dice games are popular at my house, and last year my grandchildren gave me the game Box One which is meant to be played by one person.

  3. We play a version of phase 10 we call cut throat. You play everyone elses’ pile on your turn. When your pile is out so are you, winner is the final one with a stack of cards. It keeps everyone involved since their pile are being played.

  4. I used to be really good at Spades. I haven’t played in years. I used to love paying dominoes as well. My son has Cards against Humanity, sometimes that’s fun.

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