16 thoughts on “Junk in the drawer”

  1. Tupperware tops and you no longer have the containers they were supposed to cover, a whisk that always prevents the drawer from fully opening or closing, a key to something you have no idea what it is, and a rubbery disk that helps open jars and other things.

  2. Keys to unknown locks & cars (just in case), dead batteries, tangled up wad of string, ‘spare’ bread closures, non-working mini flashlight.

  3. Besides some of the items mentioned:
    A claw hammer with either a broken claw or very loose head.
    A random handful of screws and nails
    Three picture frame hooks and less than 12″ of picture frame wire, which is coming untwisted.
    A small hank of kitchen twine
    3′ of lamp cord
    an old outlet plug
    a sprinkler head
    extension cord
    church key bottle opener
    lamp bulb socket
    12″ of speaker wire
    package of night light bulbs
    Slotted screwdriver with a broken tip
    Bulb for the Oven
    Masking & Electrical Tape

  4. Ball of string, dull scissors, assorted tapes (scotch, masking, electrical), 3 Phillips head screw drivers (all the same size), one slightly bent too small flat-head screw driver, pliers, lighter (that barely works), assortment of mis-matched screws. Everything else is just icing on the cake.

  5. Two empty Scotch Tape dispensers, assorted plastic straws, a deck of cards with only one missing, assorted twist ties,spare buttons for clothes that are no longer around and and two unused egg whisks.

  6. Along with what everybody else already said, an odd smell– not dust, not oil, not wood– just odd. A 12AX7 vacuum tube. And the gray spray-paint-can lid that all the little screws and tacks and things it was holding spilled out of when the drawer closed funny and you forced it in 1997.

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