One year later – Missing Jonco

It’s been 365 days since Dad passed away. It’s hard, of course, as expected… but we’re doing ok. We’ve adapted to a new normal. I’m most grateful that Mom has so many good friends that love and support her.

There are a few memorials that were put in to place this year. For example;

Mom ordered a bench for the club Dad belonged to; it says “In Memory of Jonco – A friend and a beer are always near”.

A monetary donation was also made, for a few repairs that Dad had wanted to make at the club; they were carried out by son Dave, grandson Vince, and friend Kurt.

Kurt and Vince taking a break

A ‘Thanks for the Memories’ video was made for Dad and his good friend Dave (who is retiring from emceeing) for all the Christmas Show hosting they did over the years. Here are some stills from the video..

A paver stone at Give Kids the World has been placed on “the Avenue of Angels” in Orlando FL. This was arranged by Dad’s brother, Paul.

Mom has arranged the tickets to take all the grandkids to Las Vegas (Dad’s favorite) in a few months, using all the miles that Dad had built up.

This framed pic of Jonco and Trixie, from B&P’er DJ, was hung right above the doggy door. (Yep, that’s Buster below!)

Jonco’s friend, Derek, (who named one of his cats Jonco) wrote a song about missing him.

Jonco the cat

Repass (for Jon)

We sit here
finding things to laugh about.
Friends and family–
all the people we can’t live without.

Scratching off the numbers
and missing you.
Telling all the stories
and missing you.

The world outside is quiet.
No one to ruin our day.
“Treat everyone as you would want to be…”
That’s such a “you” thing to say.

Measuring reactions
and missing you.
Random acts of kindness
and missing you.

Tell the person behind me
that this one’s on me.
I know I’m not always wrong or right.
I just see things how I see.

And all I can see right now
is that I’m missing you.
I’ve got all these Bits & Pieces,
but I’m missing you.

I’m missing you.

Here’s a LINK to the SONG

Memorial Posters were hung at the annual Mud Volleyball Tournament that Dad helped organize each year.

And of course, I also have to say, thank you for all the nice messages we’ve received from the B&P community. It truly means the world <3

Love to all,

krisgo and fam

16 thoughts on “One year later – Missing Jonco”

  1. Give Kids The World is such an awesome place…we went in 2007 as part of my daughter’s dream to meet Cinderella. Fond memories.

  2. Although I only met him in person once, I feel like he’s an old friend. Would give anything for a BABBQ. Love to you and your whole family!

  3. I believe I only met him in person 3 times – twice in STL and once in ATL, and had already finalized the arrangements to meet again in Las Vegas when the plague hit and scuttled everything. But I began & ended every day with B&P for over a decade. I shared and talked about his posts constantly, and we were in touch via FB Messenger several times @ week. I made lasting personal friendships aroud the globe thru B&P. I can honestly say that he was one of the people who meant the most to me over these years, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t think fondly of him, and I miss him profoundly and always will.

    You’ve done very well Kris, stepping into the huge void. Jonco would be so proud of you…and I’m sure he is!

    Thinking of you all day today Kris, and David, and especially Pat on this very sad anniversary.

    “Boys don’t cry…But men do.”

  4. As intensely personal as a loss is, it is also universal. I never actually met Jonco, but he “talked” to me every day through his posts. Grief is very selfish, too. I felt such a void from Jonco’s passing. All I could think about was how could fill my morning without him. Silly, isn’t it, for a total stranger to be such an important part of my day?

    Krisgo, your feet have grown nicely into some really good shoes. Jonco “lives” in you and through you.

  5. I can’t believe it’s been a year already. I never met your dad, but have been visiting BnP for many many years. Thank you Krisgo, for continuing his BnP legacy!

  6. Junco was a really great guy! We miss him so much, but also appreciate all your effort to continue Bits & Pieces! Happy new year to you!

  7. Thanks for the kind words DJ!! I was ‘becoming a man’, reading your message. So glad you’re a part of his world and ours!


  8. Like Beverley I never met him but felt we knew each other well.
    I could often predict how he would react to a comment or story.
    It’s not the same without him for anyone, but you guys have done a great job preserving the flavor, the essence of B&P.
    Whether he’s looking down or up…LoL.. I’m sure he approves.
    I thank you a ton for that.

  9. Krisgo, David, and families: I still miss your Dad. I had the privilege of meeting him once (at a Bandana’s in the St. Louis area; good BBQ).

    Krisgo: thank you for keeping this site going; I enjoy coming here daily.

  10. I never met him but I have loved this website for such a long time. I openly admit that I missed it dearly after his death. I know that is selfish. I am grateful that you are keeping his memory alive! It appears that the man was well loved online and in person.
    I will be in Vegas the end of March!

  11. Kris,
    It’s difficult to understand why Jonco is gone, still, after a year, but there is his legacy, the light he was on the internet, and in real life, still shines.
    He left behind a great family, a multitude of friends, a lot of laugher, and the idea a website can be fun and draw people together, and not have a lot of fighting and ugliness.
    Jonco left people like me, forever grateful for how he helped rescue Lucas, and I’m certain other people as well, like Cheryl whose “Fuck Cancer* hat will never be forgotten.
    Your father was a rare gem of a human being. He was someone who brought happiness and joy into many lives. He was my editor, my advisor in writing, and Jonco was my friend.

  12. Jonco left a big hole.

    As someone watching at a distance I have been impressed at the way that Bitsandpieces just kept on rolling along without pause.

    And you have kept the flavour, and the sense of humour, the same. That is also something special. Keep going…

  13. I can’t believe a year has passed. I too, want to commend you for keeping the website going. I think of your dad all the time as well. Many times I’ll be on Facebook and look at my memories, there may be something he commented on or put a laugh reaction to and it makes me remember what a great sense of humor he had. He was a community builder. All of us here, and all of his friends at his other clubs and organizations can attest to that. He was well liked and deservedly so.

  14. I just read All the comments concerning the One year anniversary of Jon’s passing It’s a testament of how well loved he was and still is I just want to say it is wonderful Kris That you’re keeping bits and pieces going in Jon’s memory Love you all Gail

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