Friday Firesmith – Hell to Pay

As thunderstorms rolled into the area, tornadoes were predicted, the weather turned for the worse. In at least five cities and towns across Georgia, something else came in on the storm. I will preface all of this by first saying this: No one was injured or hurt. 

With Uvalde fresh in everyone’s minds, parents rushed to the school to try to get their kids out. Law Enforcement had not been idle in these months. They had a plan, and regardless if there was, or if there was not a shooter, Valdosta and Lowndes County law enforcement were inside the school, the school was locked down, in a matter of minutes. In an overabundance of caution, no one was allowed to leave or enter the school until every room was checked, and every student was proven safe. 

What they did not know, is this had also happened in other schools, in other towns. And social media was on fire with information, some of it factual, some of it pure garbage. Other than having to look for someone in a school, with a gun, they now had to deal with a tsunami of parents wanting their kids now, and outright lies, fueling a sense of danger. 

Georgia Govenor Brian Kemp had this to say: “Rest assured, for the criminals who orchestrated these hoaxes, we will go after them with every single resource available,” Kemp said. “The FBI is actively investigating these acts of domestic terrorism, and we will continue to diligently work with them to see these culprits are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

Thousands of manhours in law enforcement were wasted. Parents were panicked. Students were terrified. Roads were blocked by traffic. And all of this, at least in Valdosta, was in the worst possible weather. 

No one was killed. That’s luck. 

What wasn’t luck was how quickly, and how fearlessly, police got into the school. Whatever awaited them, they had no idea, but they were not going to sit outside and wring their hands. With who they had, and with what they had, whatever was in that school was going to have to deal with the police first, before they shot any kids. 

I’ve never been more proud of how local law enforcement reacted to an emergency. 

Now, as the dust settles on this stupidity we had to endure, there is a time for anger. 

A host of internet trolls popped up with stories “I heard that…”. None of which were true. What is true is what they said added to the stupid. I suspect some of these people are going to be surprised when they are arrested. Now, for this to happen in so many places at the same time, this must mean it was all planned, a conspiracy if you will, which means most of this was done over the internet. 

That will get Federal Law Enforcement cranked up. A few hundred teachers, a few thousand parents, a city full of cops, a county full of cops, a town full of pissed off people, yeah, there’s going to have to be a day of reckoning here. 

Someone, or someones, will be made to pay for this. In full. 

“This isn’t anger, oh no. This is rage.” 

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7 thoughts on “Friday Firesmith – Hell to Pay”

      • The authorities are correct in calling it terrorism. It’s a variation of Russian Roulette where the police never know when they will respond to a loaded chamber–not to mention what it does to the parents and children. But this is a society that a certain portion of depraved minds feel justified in doing and feel that it’s their right.

  1. But your honor, my client was contributing to the good of the community by initiating this practice drill for first responders, and their support network, to work out any coordination problems.
    String ‘em up!!

    When all is said and done the people who spread this false information on social media will still not understand how they contributed to the problem. Back fence gossip is bigger and more damaging than ever.


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