22 thoughts on “Florida Man busy all year”

  1. Florida Man December 23rd – Florida Man Jailed for Impersonating Celebrity

    You guys have a lot more fun than I do

  2. Florida man disguises himself as woman, robs a bank and then steals a cop car.
    There was another one way more interesting but the link was bad and all I could get was this …
    Florida man set raccoon on fire for eating his …

  3. Florida man throws samurai sword at sheriff’s deputies.

    Of course, with Florida’s laws allowing many police reports and arrest records to be more public than most other states, we get many juicy headlines from Florida Man–and Woman.

  4. Florida man has been very busy on my birthday. There are articles about him biting off an ear, spitting in a kids face, being attacked by a shark, getting hit by lightening, and my favorite, getting punched by a monkey…

  5. Florida Man Chugs 2 Beers In Under 30 Seconds at EPCOT, Removes Shirt, and Almost Falls From Skyliner Platform During Skirmish with Police

  6. Florida man arrested after whipping out samurai sword in trash dispute.
    Florida Man was arrested after a police chase about a machete and potato chips, not in that order.
    FLORIDA MAN seen wakeboarding behind truck driving on flooded streets as Hurricane Ian approaches.
    Florida man pleaded guilty today to conspiring to commit health care fraud in an $8.3 million scheme where pharmacy owners paid kickbacks …

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