2 thoughts on “Can it be??”

  1. He melted all those cans at the cost of time and some gas, to reduce the storage space he needed? Later he plans to remelt the ingots to cast other items?.
    If he took those ingots to a metal recycling dealer they might not accept them if Aluminum is high at the time as they don’t know if something else is in the ingot.
    The cans a dealer can easily see and know what they are worth, but the blobs are an unknown.
    Since he plans to use the metal for a project why the trouble/expense/risk to melt it twice? Maybe he’s Hank Hill and gets propane free, but handling molten metal is tricky. If you spill your beer it’s just embarrassing, spilling metal is dangerous, it can set things on fire… including you.

  2. Boy am I dumb, I went to utube to see that video of the can and clicked on another video about melting cans. Then I commented on that video because I’m an idiot.
    Nevermind, sorry, must go scrape egg of my face.

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