2 thoughts on “Lies parents tell”

  1. When she was baking, slamming doors would make the cake “fall”. Then it became anything in the oven. Then it included anything on the stove. Then it included any noise. Then it included talking. So apparently if we even talked, the spaghetti or pot roast or eggs would “fall” and of course the whole dinner would be ruined.

    So we spent a lot of time whispering in our rooms before meals. Which I guess was her whole goal.

  2. When I was little I lived with my grandparents and my mother across the alley in back of my grandparents’ Italian restaurant My grandfather had one startling Odin-like all-white eye from some kind of damage. They told me several competing stories about what caused it. One of the stories was, “When he was your age his mother called him to come in to dinner and it was getting dark but he kept playing and didn’t come right in, and he fell on a stick! So you see what can happen if you don’t come in when we call you. Do you want that to happen to you?”

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