4 thoughts on “Which Indigenous lands are you on?”

  1. No, the history of the land where I live does not line up with the map. There were multiple tribes that dominated my area before the name indicated on the map. The selection indicated is so far away from “indigenous”, I wonder if the individuals that created the map even know what the word means. If we are honest, based upon what we think we know of the start of humanity, at least, none in North America peoples can be called indigenous. All came and acquired the land, and then it changed hands, sometimes multiple times.

  2. I am on land that belongs to us–at least once we pay off the mortgage.

    Like about every piece of land on this world, the dirt around here has belonged to one group of people or another–ones that fought and won the land or bought it and took over, eventually becoming what it is.

  3. William Penn bought a big piece of land from the Iroquois Confederation. The Lenni-Lenape tribes that lived there were not happy about it, but since the beginning of time the land belongs to whoever is strong enough to claim and hold it.

  4. This is nonsense. None of this land belonged to ONE group of people for all of history. All of it was fought over. Someone is just trying to make Americans feel guilty for living here. It won’t work.

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