Just desserts – A story of revenge

Redditor Mr_Geep writes:

I was working at a fairly small meat packing plant with about 45 employees. The butchering was done in another part of the plant. We would clean, process, sort and package the meat before shipping it out to different retailers around the area. We had a lunch / break room where everyone would leave their lunch boxes while we were out working on the floor. For the most part, the break room was empty most of the day, except during our 30 minute lunch or our 2 breaks that we were alloted each day. The door to the break room was basically situated behind all the production lines, so the door was in sight while we worked, but nobody had a reason to keep an eye on it.

As it turns out, people began to notice that their dessert would be missing out of their lunches. Someone would remember putting cookies in their lunch, or stopping and buying a candy bar, and it would be gone by the time lunch or the last break would come around. Nobody really knew how long it had been going on until we all started talking. Even once we all figured it out it was happening, it continued to happen with 2 or 3 peoples lunches a day. We would try to watch the door to the break room, but there really wasn’t a way to track people going in and out. We would jokingly accuse each other, but never could figure it out.

Until one day someone came up with a brilliant plan. Being how we worked in a meat packing plant, we used a edible ink that was used to stamp different grades of meat. We also had syringes used for injecting different marinade or brines into different products. 4 or 5 of us all brought Hostess “Ding-Dongs” to work in our lunch boxes. If you don’t know what a Ding-Dong is, they are a dark brown chocolate cupcake with a cream center. Perfect for extracting a little petty revenge. We used the syringe to suck out as much of the cream fill as possible through the packaging and injecting them full of the thick, blue ink. It left a hole in the package about the 1/8″ in size, but was otherwise unnoticable. We then put them in our lunches and waited.

It only took a few hours when suddenly the processing line erupted in laughter. Our plant manager, who was the only one in the building who wore a tie and a white dress shirt, came running out of the break room and towards his office. Not only was his lips and chin covered in the blue ink, but it had run down the front of his shirt and was even on his hands. He disappeared into his office and we didn’t see him for the rest of the day. I’m not sure what the man had to bathe in, but the next day, you could barely see it on his lips we were told by his secretary, as he didn’t show his face back out on the production floor for several days.

In any case, our deserts and candy stopped disappearing from our lunches, and all was good in the world again.


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    • Poisoning actually would be way over board and criminal. But some chocolatey Ex-Lax in the recommended dosage might possibly be okay. Some cannabis would be funnier if it was on a day when he had to report to someone higher up.

  1. Had a similar situation as a teen working at a fast food place. From time to tome, some of us would have a cup of something to drink in the back (a soda, a shake) but were finding the contents empty when we would go back there. Somebody was drinking our stuff, so we took a ketchup packet, popped a straw into it and reinserted the straw into a shake. In the soft drink, we used some methylene blue. Needless to say, the culprit (a fellow employee) learned his lesson.

  2. Overboard? Poppycock! When a person with power over others, misuses the power by abusing the others, they deserve to be removed… permanently.
    There is no excuse… Oh gosh I didn’t know I was being bad.
    Nope, no way, not gonna cut it.
    Abusing others and not realize it?
    That’s even worse!
    Off with his head!

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