2 thoughts on “South African HS Stadium Cheering”

  1. I did not catch all the songs in the medley, but I heard the following:

    Those About to Rock – AC/DC
    Another One Rides the Bus – Weird Al Yankovic
    Bicycle – Pink Floyd
    Ticket to Ride – the Beatles
    Sail Away – Randy Newman
    Rollin’ Down the River – Ike & Tina Turner, CCR, and others – including a busker I heard on the Metro in Paris

    Did anybody catch any of the other songs?

  2. I film this event every year. This is the MTBS. It is an annual inter schools athletics competition (the largest in South Africa) held between four high schools … D.F. Malan High School, Tygerberg High School, Bellville High School and Stellenberg High School.


    The after the competition, those kids cant talk for about a month.

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