Keys to Success?

I have a piano.. but sadly I cannot play the piano. I can hear a tune and make out how to play the melody (I’m not a savant or anything).

I absolutely cannot play with both hands doing different things – and it makes me jealous of those of you who can.

Also, the piano is by far my favorite instrument to listen to – even above the guitar. And I prefer modern piano music over classical.

Do we have any piano lovers or players out there in B&P-land?

Thanks Jan G.W.

5 thoughts on “Keys to Success?”

  1. I play most instruments – except those that need a bow. I never managed that. I have a music degree but now arthritis means I’m playing less … so now I’m teaching adults to play ukulele. It’s the one instrument you can literally learn to play in 5 minutes and start playing songs. We go round the nursing homes singing and entertaining … and the residents love joining in!

  2. I’ve played a lot of instruments back in a previous century, but never could master the piano for the same reason as you…two hands doing completely different things, plus the scores for the left hand was notated in bass clef, and I never ever did master that.
    But my maternal gramma could boogie woogie and burn the 88s down!

  3. I can’t play the piano but used to play the trombone.

    Anytime I tried to play the piano I seem to play the keys too hard–I can make a happy song sound like a funeral dirge.

    I still have plans to try to learn the ukulele and harmonica. Someday.


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