2 thoughts on “There Goes My Hero Ft. 16yr old Shane Hawkins”

  1. I love how at various times you catch the band members kind of looking back at him, as if they are checking to see if he’s alright.
    Dave Grohl has been a favorite of mine for many years, every 6 months to a year or so, he does something that makes me love him more. He proves himself to be a great person again and again.
    He stopped a concert once when he spotted a fight from the stage and threw out the bully. The entire band came around on a flatbed truck to a Westboro Baptist “Church” protest and played so loudly it drowned them out. His entire thing with Nandy Bushell was awesome!! Drum off!! He invited a fan in a wheelchair onstage to play guitar, the list just goes on and on. I think he is wonderful.

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