Forever Country – Artists of Then, Now & Forever

I didn’t always like country music, in fact – growing up, I couldn’t stand twangy country music. The song that turned me around was Travis Tritt’s Its a Great Day to Be Alive but not until probably 8-10 years after its original 2000 release.

I heard this mash-up song for the first time today (it was from the CMA’s 2016). So yeah – I’m a bit behind the curve here. But I could name almost all of these, only questionable on about 2 or 3.

Here’s an article about it also for more info and list of names.

Side note, my Dad’s mom, who we called Grandma Chick-Chick loved the guy at 1:52-1:57 ish.

9 thoughts on “Forever Country – Artists of Then, Now & Forever”

  1. I recognized almost all of them, many of whom I loved back in the 80s-90s of course Saint Dolly I’ve loved since I was a little girl in the 70s.
    I wish Randy Travis was still singing, he had one of the most beautiful voices ever. And I agree about Travis Tritt’s song as well.

    • Chick – I agree about Dolly – I love her sense of humor and her love of encouraging kids to read – there’ll never be another like her – one in a million.

  2. I am not really a country fan, so I did not recognize most of the artists.

    I find it interesting that the first half of the video mainly featured a cover of “Country Roads” by John Denver. I do not think John was a country singer, so I wonder why they did not pick a country song.

    But then one of my favorite albums–okay, CD–is “Common Threads”: a CD of country singers singing their favorite Eagles songs.

    • Tim – what genre do you consider John Denver to fit in? I was never a John Denver fan – so I never gave it/him a second thought growing up.

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