My house just rebooted itself

It’s raining here in St. Louis and we had our power blink three times, several minutes apart, in the last hour.

It’s unusual for that to happen when we’re both home. Much less often for us to be in the same room, sitting on the same couch, watching a movie together. Usually if the power blinks, it’s in the middle of the night when we’re asleep, or if we’re gone and don’t know about it, until we see the time error on the microwave upon returning.

Well tonight was different.

Blink off. Blink back on. Immediately the doggie doorbell starts chiming. The robot floor vacuum turns on to battery mode, so it makes a loud 10 second stir. Our house alarm goes in to battery mode – ding-dong-ding. The computer printer wakes up, and goes through it’s prep cycle. The Google Home voice says, “Reminder, the mic is muted.” The TV of course had gone black, but is now powering itself back up.. flashing a ‘No internet’ message across the screen. The internet tower BEEEEPS. After about 2 solid minutes, of electronic rebooting in what seems like every room in the house – we’re back up and running.

We look at each other as we listen to all this happening, and just kind of chuckle.

It all happens again 3 minutes later. Ring goes the doorbell, ding goes the alarm, a woman’s voice says ‘the mic is muted’, internet is back on beeeeep, whirrr of the vacuum..

After the second time, he gets up and checks a few things. Then we’re back watching the movie.

Blink – 3rd time. That’s it – this movie has to wait we decide. And I’m just glad that the electricity is still coming back on each time.. or I might still be stuck in my power lifting sofa recliner.

3 thoughts on “My house just rebooted itself”

  1. Do you have any control of the house yourself?
    Sounds like you’re living in a science fair project.
    Try to escape and it’ll thwart you.
    Try to kill it, says I’ll be back and regenerates itself.

  2. The wires in our neighborhood are buried; in the last 23 years, we have lost our electricity for maybe 8 hours total over that time.

    We do not have a smart home, so about the only beeping we would get are from the backup batteries we have (one for the modem and wireless router; the other for a desktop computer). Oh, and maybe the CO detectors.


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