Happy Birthday Jonco!

Today Jonco would’ve been 74.. I found this video below from a post 4 years ago..

He writes:

On this date waaaay back in 1948, I was born.  We had a party with family and friends a couple of weeks ago and I made this video of pictures from my life that was playing all day at the party. It’s better viewed fullscreen. Time: 10:07

Today I plan to hang out with the fam, play some games, and have pizza – which is something we would’ve done anyway for Dad’s birthday.

Dad – If you can see this from the great beyond – I miss you. I miss just being able to call you up and ask you an Excel question, or coming over to pick up or drop something off and just seeing you at your computer. I miss hanging out playing games with you, I always loved being on your team. I’m looking for the patterns that you told me about in that dream… I’ll keep looking… always and forever.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jonco!”

  1. What a wonderful tribute to your dad. I can only imagine how much you miss him. Thank you so much for sharing him with us. May he continue to rest in peace.

  2. Never met him, never talked to him,been through all his bits and pieces but felt I really knew him.

  3. Yeah, miss the sumbitch a lot, he was a unique presence on the web. Over the years website styles and the whole internet vibe changed, but he always kept it human.

  4. What a nice tribute. I recognized Charlotte (his motorcycle) and some of the stories he wrote about riding her–and how reluctant he was to stop riding altogether.

    I wish I could have met up with him again; I can’t imagine the hole he left in your life, Krisgo.

    Krisgo: thank you for sharing and I hope your family is well.

  5. Never met the man, but got a sense of what he was about here: His fun and sometimes depraved sense of humor; His sensibilities and nonsense; his music and interests. You took over the baton and continue to be still keeping his presence along with your touch. And so it builds and becomes more. Thanks for sharing and keeping it going.

  6. I recognized Charlotte, and Gus and Trixie. Whenever I see a single shoe on the side of the highway, I always think of your dad because of him losing one flip flop off the back of his bike (motorcycle) somehow. We teased him mercilessly about that. He took it in good stride, and with a great sense of humor as he did everything. He truly was one in a million.
    He will never be forgotten by all of us for sure. Thank you for sharing him, and thank you for keeping B&P going. That was a great tribute to a life well lived and a man greatly loved.

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