2 thoughts on “I ain’t even mad, that’s impressive”

    • Border Collies are patient, too. Friends of ours used to have a Border Collie mixed with something. HIs job was to fetch–and he took it seriously. He also knew of our friends, the husband threw farther than the wife, so he would bring the ball to the wife when he got tired–but that’s not part of this story.

      We were visiting them when our son was about 4. Our kid and the dog were outside. The dog would drop the ball next to our son and wait. Our son would play in this little water fountain our friends had in the patio for a while (about 10 minutes or so) then realize the ball was there. Our son would then throw the dog and turn his attention to the water.

      The dog would fetch the ball, drop it next to our son, then wait–again.

      I watched this for about an hour–just amazing.

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