Did you hear?

Did you hear the one about the guy with no hands that got the town’s bell tower ringer job and would ring the bell with his head…one day unfortunately he was ringing the bell, got caught off-guard and the bell knocked him over and he fell to his death.  Passers-by in the town gathered around at the unfortunate scene and someone asked if anyone knew his name…the town cryer spoke up and said, “I can’t remember his name but his face sure rings a bell.”

So, some weeks later, in memory of his lost sibling, his younger brother honorably accepts the job to proudly ring the town’s bell like his brother before him.  Well, it wasn’t many days later then when the young man fell victim to the same terrible fate as his brother.  In a most unfortunate play of events, while admirably ringing the bells, the rope caught his foot, threw him off balance and well, sadly he fell out of balcony of the tower and like his brother, died instantly.  Once again, passers-by gathered in bewilderment around the lifeless soul.  Again someone asked, did anyone know his name?  “No!…” cried one of the town’s people, “…but he’s a dead ringer for his brother!”

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