4 thoughts on “New text: Just saved another life”

  1. My Nephew donates blood here in Ireland and he gets a text every time some is used. Recently a premature baby got some and 75 year old women in different part of the country

  2. My step-father donated blood throughout his life. I remember his “5-gallons donated” mug he got once he hit that milestone.

    I guess being a nurse helped him want to donate–and that was years before smart phones, too, so he had no idea who benefited from his donations.

    Almost more self-serving on the other hand, my brother donated platelets once or twice in college to get beer money.

  3. I usually get an email (used to be a postcard) a few weeks after a donation of where it went to. My blood often goes to VA hospitals in the CLE region, and one went to a children’s hospital in Detroit. I just gave my 20th pint yesterday.

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