Travel Hot Takes

Do you agree?

When choosing your seat on the plane, do you prefer…

  • Window seat: 50.9%
  • Aisle: 48.9%
  • Middle: Less than 1%, but not zero. Who are you people???

You’re planning a short weekend getaway. Where are you staying?

  • Hotel: 60%
  • Airbnb: 40%

You and the crew are leaving the Drive Thru off I-80 with a bag of McChickens for lunch. Do you…

  • Eat while driving, which sometimes requires your copilot to feed you fries: 75%
  • Park and eat: 25%

You get handed the aux during a long road trip. What kind of audio are you putting on?

  • Curated playlist: 54%
  • Podcast: 20%
  • Audiobook: 12%
  • No aux needed—road trips are for the local radio stations: 10%
  • Nothing, I prefer silence: 4%

Do you use cruise control on the highway?

  • Sometimes: 47%
  • Always: 34%
  • Never: 19%

What’s your in-flight drink order?

  • Water: 28%
  • Ginger ale: 19%
  • Cocktail/beer/wine: 17%
  • Any other kind of soda: 15%
  • Coffee/tea: 10%
  • Juice: 8%
  • Other: 3%

We also asked readers what their go-to gas station snack + drink combos were. We didn’t anticipate crowning a “winning” answer to this question, but then someone responded with “a skewer of 7-Eleven meatballs and a huge Dr Pepper.” So they are the winner.

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