Jonco’s Interment *Time Updated*

Hey friends, we have one more official duty to complete for Dad. On this Sunday, May 29, we will be having a small ceremony of sorts to bury his ashes under his memorial brick. This was definitely his wish, he even had his specific brick location picked out.

We are going to try to do the Facebook live again – hopefully it all works out ok. Should be sometime around ****1:30pm CT updated***. Here’s the link to JoncoStl’s page.

We invite everyone to watch, and grab your nearest drink and toast to Jonco during that time.

** Love you and miss you Dad **

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7 thoughts on “Jonco’s Interment *Time Updated*”

  1. I miss the man to. You are doing a fantastic work keeping his blog up. I’ve been visiting this blog since 2011. I think longer, I cant really remember. Its the only blog that’s still booked marked on my browser. Sending love from South Africa.

  2. Jon was one of a kind. You hear that about a lot of people, mostly when the person talking about them has run out of things to say, but Jon was one of those people who continually lived, never stopped creating the next story, and now, even after he’s gone, people remember who he was, and what he’s done. The ripples spread wider each day, and your father will never be forgotten.

  3. Jonco was almost the most important person in my post-divorce life over the past 15+ years. He kept me from going into a deep deep depression, or over the edge. Every day B&P was my first stop on the web in the morning after checking the weather, and my last stop at night before I fell asleep. During the day if I saw something he’d like I’d message it to him, and he was always grateful.

    We met 3 times. The 2 BABBQs in STL in 2010 & 2011, and in ATL just a few years ago. I had already made flight & hotel reservations for the Vegas Meet-Up when the plague hit and the world ended for awhile. I never thought that I’d be attending his memorial service a couple of years later.

    Jonco was a unique and cherished friend. I think of him many times a day and always will. He made this world – certainly my world – a better, more tolerable place.

  4. A unique individual, just when I thought I could predict his reaction to something he’d shoot off on a tangent and make it sound perfectly logical. I could envision people all over slapping their forehead thinking why didn’t I think of that. In all my(keith Richards) years I’ve only found three people with his ability to charm people, overthrow governments, and respect animals.

  5. I attended on gathering at the Social Club, and probably attended as a guest at two mouse races. I really appreciated everything your dad did, and I look at Bits and Pieces every day. He was a classic. Thanks for continuing the Legacy.

  6. I’ve also got to say he touched lives, he created a community here. There were times where I felt as if these were the only friends I had.
    I had my tickets booked for Vegas when the Lock down hit as well. I was quite disappointed. I didn’t get to go to the BABBQ’s due to either work or something. I really wish I had. I know I missed out on the event(s) of a lifetime.

    Thank you for keeping B&P going. I know it’s got to be a labor of love. I appreciate it, as I’m sure others do as well.

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