9 thoughts on “Dot Space Space”

  1. So…. You are saying that I am now free to do exactly and only just what you want me to to. Not what I want to do. No. I don’t think so. Stopping to NOT put those double spaces in would slow me down considerably. Putting them in is as natural to me as breathing. Period? Two spaces. Bam! It happens just that fast. I don’t need your “freedom”.

  2. I will also continue to use cursive writing and will teach my grandchildren how to read/write it. Maybe one of them will develop a then modern day Rosetta Stone so the next generation can read our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and so many other important documents.

  3. It was also to create space, a pause and perhaps some further consideration of the material…..which might actually prove useful again in the new age of the attention-deficient!

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