Planted – A Joke

Ben is serving term in prison for fraud. One day he receives a letter from his father, Maurice

Dear Ben,

It looks like I won’t be able to plant anything in the garden this year. I am growing too old to do any digging without your help. Looking forward to your early release.

Love, Dad

Ben replies:

Dear Dad,

Please don’t dig up the garden – that’s where I hid the money. Be patient and wait until I get out.

Love, Ben

At 4am, the police show up at Maurice’s house and dig up the entire garden. Two days later, Maurice receives another letter from Ben:

Dear Dad,

Now the garden has been dug up, you can start to plant your garden. It’s the best I could do from here.

Love, Ben


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  1. Yeah except a gigantic mess, down to clay and lumps all over isn’t preparing a garden bed.

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