It got me.

Covid-19 finally caught me.

Stats: I’m fully vaccinated. Took 3 tests; 2 positive, 1 negative. My doctors office said to quarantine until end of Day 5 and that my first positive test day was considered Day 0.

Symptoms: Woke up in the middle of the ‘Night 0’ feeling headache-y and like I should take something for that. Spouse happened to be up and gave me a hug, said I was ‘HOT’ (not the good kind of hot, though) 😛


Update: I quarantined and then back to work I went. Today was my first day back – and it was a doozy/very busy/lots to catch up on. My brain is still a bit foggy, but otherwise I’m ok. Still have a headache – but that’s normal for me, and especially at the beginning of Spring.

During quarantine; I did some blogging, finished a jigsaw puzzle (minus 1 piece – that’s another story), finished looking at the whole internet twice, watched way too much reality TV, did some continuing education, and napped. So, it wasn’t too bad or too boring – I’m by no means complaining at all – I know I got lucky by getting whatever newer variant this was, rather than the original one.

In other news – I had set up ‘Friday Firesmith’ to post at 2am this morning.. but had it in ‘draft’ mode and didn’t realize it (I blame brain fog). But it’s now posted – CLICK HERE – if you missed it. Or you could just scroll down 😉

Anyway – stay safe out there guys.


9 thoughts on “It got me.”

  1. At the end of the day, your health is more important than anything else. But it sounds like you have beaten the plague, and managed not to break the internet at the same time. Rest. Take some time for yourself and don’t push it.

  2. I had it in Jan, passed it on to my son. We’re both vaccinated and also had much milder cases than others I’ve heard of who weren’t. I’m convinced the jab last year helped keep us from more severe symptoms. The long-lingering cough and complete loss of appetite was the worst of it after the first few days. I lost about 20 lbs over about a month, but prob needed to anyway. Even my most favorite comfort foods and snacks had no appeal to me whatsoever. None.

  3. Bummer that you had it — or it had you — but glad it wasn’t too bad! All the best for the end of headaches & fog.

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