Prison number tribute to Belushi

In the movie, Trading Places, Louis Winthorpe’s (Dan Aykroyd) prison number is the same as Jake Blues’ (John Belushi) prison number in The Blues Brothers as a trubute to Belushi, who had died the year before.

Belushi was 33 when he died of an overdose in 1982. I remember Dad being upset about it – but what I remember most – was that Dad was also age 33 at that time. I thought it was weird that Dad could be the same age of a famous guy that had just died.

Thanks Eric

4 thoughts on “Prison number tribute to Belushi”

  1. Damn you Mike, now I’m going to spend at least the rest of the day thinking about Pop’s life at my age.

  2. No one so immediately close to me had died in my life up to my age of 12-13, when my Grandmother died. I remember thinking how something so huge meant so little to the world around us as we drove to see relatives. I guess I expected everyone to stop and take notice.

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