8 thoughts on “I’d prefer they be living.”

  1. Talk “to” or talk with?

    First name that popped to the surface of my thought stream was my college roommate from our 1959 freshman year a MacMurray College in Jacksonville, Ill.

    I transferred to Ball State the next year and never saw the guy again. Figure it might be interesting to share experiences and perspectives after all this time.

    Second name was my ol’ WestPac buddy FatJack. Tacky, obscene, profane, blasphemous, sarcastic, heavy smokin, deep drinkin, career Navy guy who was also clever, funny, talented, friendly, charismatic, and a helluva lotta fun to hang around with.

    Then, after cleansing my palate from an hour with Jack, I’d like to ask about three specific questions of Charles Krauthammer to get his take on Putin, Biden, and AOC.

    • My grandfather, so I could ask him about WWll and the concentration camp he was part of liberating. He never talked about it and his records were destroyed in a fire at the archives.

  2. I would probably pick Jonco, too.

    There would be others–but they did not speak modern English (which is about the only language I understand) so trying to talk with them would be difficult at best.

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