My SO and I were talking about Spam and how it’s been so long since we’ve actually had it. He even said he forgot what it tasted like.

Fast forward to our weekly shopping trip – I found the canned meat aisle and decided that I’d get some for us to ‘try’ again. Since we’re both kind of watching our diets, I grabbed the lower salt version.

It was disgusting, y’all. Don’t do it. 0/10 – do not recommend. Also – I have 3/4 can’s worth of low-salt Spam that I’m trying to decide what to do with. I’d throw it in the woods, but I don’t want to subject any other live creatures to that funk.

Thanks Paul

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    • occassional earthquakes, typhoons, and other supply chain disruptions means it’s a good idea to stock food with longer shelf lives. gotta rotate that supply as well.

      it is also pretty popiular in the philippines for much of the same reasons. lots of filipinos in hawaii as.well.

  1. I attended a couple of the then-annual Spamarama outdoor festivals in Austin TX back around 2000. I did sample some of the special-recipe edibles that contained Spam; they were of varying desirability.

    But speaking of subjecting live creatures to Spam…

    I observed but did not participate in the Spam-related games; some observers brought along their dogs. In the Spam Toss game, Spam that hit the ground was sometimes sniffed by these dogs, but — to the crowd’s amusement — the dogs would not attempt to eat it.

    FYI, Spamarama is back; they held their 2022 festival earlier this month.

    • I think my dog, Beans, would eat up the Spam in a heartbeat. I’m not going to even test it – because she has been known to easily get an upset tummy and…. shall I say… re-decorate the wall behind her crate on occasion. And I’m not interested in seeing Spam’s after-effects.

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