What do you do with ‘cremains’?

The majority of Dad’s ashes will be buried beneath this brick. A new brick will be made with his name, of course. And I guess this brick will go to a new location.

And when that day comes – we’ll gather and pour probably a little (or a lot) of alcohol under that brick with his remains.

Side note: Who thought of the word ‘cremains’? Just genius.

We did keep a small portion of ashes that were divvied up in these small vials for the grandkids and a couple of Mom and Dad’s closest friends.

Finally, we had 3 glass orbs made; for Mom, me and my brother. You can see the lines of teeny tiny white-ish specks there – those are his ashes. I picked up an LED light stand that changes colors. It’s definitely something he would’ve done. 🙂

Currently my orb is sitting beneath my TV, so Dad gets to watch Netflix with us.

13 thoughts on “What do you do with ‘cremains’?”

  1. Like the brick and the glass orbs are cool. Well done.

    However the vials make me think suppository. Not dissing your choice it’s my problem, they just struck me wrong.

  2. Great idea!
    I am a jeweler,and, when my wife’s brother died,we took the shells from the 21 gun salute,put steel ends in them. Made them look like bullets. We put cremains inside the shells,sealed them up with the steel end. Polished them up,and,distrbuted them to the family.

  3. Where will his brick be? I occasionally pass through the St. Louis area and would like to pay my respects.

  4. Oh I love this! I’ve always felt so-so about cremation but y’all have really found a way to make it feel special and like a very elegant choice.

  5. What a beautiful and generous way to keep a beautiful and generous man in the memories of the ones he loved

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