Checking in on Buster

Buster has been doing ok since his papa passed. He get’s to hear Dad’s voice twice a day still. When the automatic dog feeder activates in the morning and afternoon, Dad’s voice says “C’mon Buster, Time to Eat – C’mon Buster, Time to Eat”.

Buster knows that when he hears the clock chime that he needs to run to his bowl and wait for the magic words.

Waiting for the clock chime.. so he knows when to run in and listen for his cue.

Gettin’ ready for a snooze

Watching for that pesky squirrel to show his dang face again.

5 thoughts on “Checking in on Buster”

  1. I’m saving every voicemail from my dad to hopefully synthesize his speech and hack my Echo units to have HIM respond to my questions

  2. Poor little man! I’ve never deleted the last message my dad left for me on my answering machine. “Hello Love, Dad here. I’ll call again later!” So comforting.

  3. I have answering machine tapes in a drawer with the voices of my first grandchild when she was very young, and my late mother-in-law. These are great treasures to my wife and I.

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