Bionic Woman’s Remains

Redditor centrallysquared shared this photo of their mom’s ‘parts’ after cremation. They said their mom had “Lots of surgeries over the years. She was a wonderful woman who ran many marathons. She loved Tom Selleck and Blue bloods Wednesday! We had to request to receive the parts back from the crematorium.”

I find this very interesting, having worked at a facility that manufactures surgical instruments and implants.

Dad would’ve thought this was neat too. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Bionic Woman’s Remains”

  1. I think the object with the pink/peach end plus the item in the bottom right are for hip replacements.

    The long diagonal thing looks like something that would fix a spinal issue.

    I have not worked at a company that makes surgical products, but my step-Dad was an orthopedic nurse and would occasionally bring home things that were no longer needed–like something for a hip replacement.

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