More Celebration Pics

Dad had several groups that he considered family; one was his Bits and Pieces family – of course! He dedicated hours upon hours to ‘scour the web’ so you didn’t have to. He joked about how it was his job – but he truly loved doing it.

One Bits and Pieces reader said Dad ‘was larger than life’ and I’ve been thinking about that for a while now. I think it’s not that HE was larger than life.. it’s that he was so excited and interested by life.. by people and the things they do.. excited by the things he saw – that he felt compelled to share what he found. He wanted you, the readers, to be excited by the things he found too.

And you did. Some of you followed him for years and years, checking in each and every day to see what else he had found to entertain both himself and you.

He hosted the Big Ass BBQ where several of you came to gather here in St. Louis over 10 years ago. He met several of you along the way on various trips, even if it was just for a quick lunch during the drive to another destination. He absolutely LOVED that. Thank YOU for that… for giving my dad the gift of your friendship.

The farthest traveling people who came to the celebration were from Ohio and Georgia – and of course they were B’NP’ers. <3

8 thoughts on “More Celebration Pics”

  1. You could tell his “love of the game” in blogging! Your Dad was so impressive at creating the neighborhood feel on his site. When I found B&P, I thought it was a little St. Louis blog. Jonco reached out asked for an update on where were reading from…. lo and behold he had readers from the Phillipines, Australia, Germany, Ireland, England! And so many more. And yes, I land here first daily. Thank you for continuing.

  2. There’s a few of us that are willing to help continue his legacy – we scour the web, get memes from facebook or email and say “Jonco would love this” before beaming with pride to see it appear on this site with our accreditation.

    How do we contribute from here out?

  3. Thank you for continuing B&P. I was due to meet Jonco in March 2020 in Las Vegas where a few of us had planned to meet. Sadly that was not to be. I would have been travelling from Ireland. This blog was just like chatting over the garden wall and sharing stories.

  4. I appreciate you updating his site. This was one of my daily sites to check because it always put a smile on my face. That is a gift that he shared with many. He was a part of so many lives in a positive way. Even though not everyone comments, the reason this site has continued for so many years, is the smiles and joy it brought to peoples lives.

  5. Thank you for continuing to post, I still come here daily just to see. I missed both BABBQs. I had tickets purchased for the Vegas trip this time as well. Sadly everything shut down and here we are.
    I could tell you dad did put time and care into this blog, it shows. I’m glad it’s still here, I bet he would be as well. He built a wonderful community here, I always feel a sense of fitting in, as if I belong here. I can’t say that everywhere.

  6. I’m consumed with shame, and must confess.
    I must say my hail marys, do my penitence.
    B&P was my first daily web stop… except Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
    I confess to having a tawdry affair with another.
    Yes, I’m a low down cheating ne’er-do-well, an unfaithful nogoodnik too weak to resist the siren call of a tart. My only defense is she has big boobs and it was only a quickie three out of seven days a week. Plus I always washed my hands before coming here.

  7. I was sad in 2020 when the Vegas thing couldn’t happen, but I didn’t know HOW sad about it I’d be nearly two year later!! Thanks for keeping this going for now!

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